Automatic check for the latest XperiFirm version. Добавил ваше сообщение в «Примечание» Сообщение отредактировал NFound — Which also allowed me to implement these features: Xperifirm downloads Sony firmware from official servers and there is no chance of firmware being corrupted. Secondary sorting is by Market instead of CDA. In this version, caching is disabled entirely.

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However, some minor internal changes had to be made to support that specific case. Программа для добавления общего v44.5.0.zip ко всем адресам в па. If it finds a new version, it offers you to open this thread. IgorEisberg OP May Вы не можете создавать опросы. Performance now improved drastically. Достаточно скопировать программу в папку с Flashtool без которого всё равно никак — она будет использовать его среду.

A nice looking donation button was added, please use it to support me! Added the ability to copy the raw download links of xperifkrm firmware to the clipboard. Друзья, вы бе хотя бы обновили скриншоты и инструкции, по скольку есть уже поддержка разных ОС, и Java уже не нужна с версии 4.


Download XperiFirm_4.5.0_(by_Igor_Eisberg).zip

This release is a preparation for better integration with Flashtool, done in co-op with Androxyde. The bug that caused «Invalid resource file received! Added support for multiple simultaneous downloads.

Запускаем программу и выбираем нужную нам модель. Now XperiFirm will prevent you from downloading them.

A minor bug was fixed, that made XperiFirm crash when Downloader is closed while downloading a firmware. Sony Xperia Z1Xiaomi Mi 5.

This will not interrupt the checking process. This release is a preparation for better integration with Flashtool, done in co-op with Androxyde.

[TOOL] XperiFirm ~ Xperia Firmware Downloader [v]

Each and every device is being recognized exactly as marketed by Sony all around the UI, including devices that are merely variants of the same device. The bug that caused «Invalid resource file received! Smart auto-decryption ability, that uses online data to correctly unpack the firmware and prepare it for FTF creating in Flashtool. Z3x box Samsung Tool v Оригинальная цитата от автора.


Mono support for Linux and OS X: Fixed some annoying visual glitches. In this version, caching is disabled entirely. Works on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1: Only empty «Latest Release» fields will be checked when using «Check All».


It is being always validated v.45.0.zip be the correct file and recreated if it was modified or damaged.

Android Apps and Games. Under-the-hood bug fixes, code improvements and better error handling. XperiFirm will xlerifirm use Java bit in Windows bit. Now the Release list will be cleared to prevent this. Get cool battery charging animated indicators like samsung lockscreen animations. В ошибке говорится о том, что надо запускать файл от имени администратора, а как это сделать, подскажите.

XperiFirm has a new look, made especially to be beautiful on Windows