Больше о Archive Suite …. The program is developed cross-platform runs on Mac, Windows and Linux so operates efficiently on all computers. On the left are the controls to adjusting the image and on the right is the image in progress. Найти бы нормальную рабочую 8-ую версию. SilverFast supports many scanner models, but the activation code is scanner specific.

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It should be noted that using «32 Bit HDRi» usually does not make much sense for monochrome film because the clusters of silver halides that typically occur in such photographic material tend to be opaque to the infrared light source just as dust and scratches would be. LaserSoft Imaging поставляет высококачественные таргеты IT8 -калибрации собственного производства. Lasersoft Imaging has recently released SilverFast 8 as the successor to their popular scanning software SilverFast 6.

This is simply the «garbage in garbage out» principle.

Пожалуйста поясните, как работает таблетка. Nonetheless, the makers of SilverFast wish to have you covered regardless what you know or do not know.

The same image as a Bit HDRi was When you are learning SilverFast, this is a big time saver and confusion reducer. Больше eilverfast многократной экспозиции … Калибровка сканера с новым разработанным кодахром IT8-таргетом, делает возможным сканирование кодахром без синего оттенка.

Additional scans can be found in the Equipment Database.



Thus, if you wish to scan small things such as slides so that they can be viably be printed out in a reasonable size can take some time. Если с этими марками не работает, значит Вы сначала не зарегистрировали программу как демо-версию.

Заменить в папке программы оригинальные файлы файлами из архива SilverFast 8. В заявке должно быть указано: Главная Форум Фототехника среднего и большого форматов Silverfast 8.

As scanning requires the most resources, a scanner with batch scanning siverfast for both film strips and slides will aid productivity more than any post processing batch capabilities. The user can utilize this control to evaluate the 1: When you consider the amount of potential tools to finish each scan, the Pilot is, at a minimum, a great way to learn the scanning process.

Under what conditions would I want to use one or the other. On the CMS tab turn all color management options off. Wilverfast с переменным фокусным расстоянием. Нет ли у кого 8ой версии?

This sets the resolution of your scan.

SilverFast SE Plus 8 Quick Guide

Infrared dust and scratch removal worked in all programs to varying degrees. This offer is naturally also valid for SilverFast versions bundled with a scanner device or silverffast from a dealer. Silvverfast диапазон играет решающую роль для достижения высокого качества при обработке изображений запись, скандирование, обработка и архивация.


Learning from Taz will not only teach you how to scan using SilverFast, but you will learn many tips and tricks on how to do better scans in general. The range of features that SilverFast provides is probably much more than most people are likely to silverfash. If you are scanning manually, than you can save that as a 16 bit, Bit HDR image, or larger if you want the IR data for removing dust and scratches. Now, with all of those complaints made about the help material, let me also add that they do have an aggressive support staff on their forums.

The patented optional IT8-industry-standard calibration is a uniquely integrated function for precise color results.

SilverFast Archive Suite 8 Review

В пакете вообще нет софта для работы со сканерами. The basic SilverFast window is shown below after a pre-scan. Both Lasersoft Imaging and Hamrick refine and update their software continually, giving the user the opportunity to update when launching the program. Из этих двух отдельных изображений затем вычисляется конечный HDR скан со значительно увеличенным динамическим диапазоном. Открылся в году.