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There are services that can help you with how you’re feeling, safe sex, relationships, sexual abuse and the law.

We advised Maddy that she is under the general age of consent for sex in New South Wales (the ages of consent in New South Wales and apply equally to straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual sex and to people of all genders).

You’re not alone: Women today have less time for sex than their 1950s counterparts.

And it’s estimated that 40 million Americans have what experts call a sexless marriage (having sex less than 10 times a year). It can satisfy all sorts of emotional- and physical-intimacy needs and help partners stay close, says Anita H.

Trump’s remarks both on Glenn Beck’s radio program and at a rally in Maryland, and sending out this critical message on Twitter: “Common sense: grown men shouldn’t be in bathrooms w/ little girls.” Speaking to Mr. Cruz said the country has “gone off the deep end” and the idea of so-called genderless bathrooms is “absurd.” “My 5-year-old knows the difference between boys and girls,” Mr. On Wednesday, ESPN fired Curt Schilling, one of its most high-profile analysts and a former All-Star pitcher, for a Facebook post about the North Carolina law.

The post featured a crude photograph of an overweight man in women’s clothing and a wig, along with the message, “LET HIM IN!

All that technology and distraction can cause insomnia and put a damper on your sex life.

After all, it’s harder to initiate sex if your spouse is hiding behind a newspaper or glued to the TV or if your hands are busy exploring the Web rather than his body.

Then the magic little pills start sapping your sex drive. OCs contain estrogen, which increases the production of a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), says Michael Krychman, MD, medical director of sexual medicine at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California.

Sex Rx: At a minimum, make the bedroom a no-technology zone, Clayton suggests.

Then take a hard look at your life (from romance and work to entertainment and family), and give sex the priority it deserves.

She was told that even if she is willing to have sex with her girlfriend, it is still against the law for her girlfriend to have sex with her.

Her girlfriend (not Maddy) could face a serious criminal charge, jail and be placed on the sex offender register.

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