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Außerdem muss zum Beispiel die gesamte Elektroinstallation erneuert werden, für die Nutzung des Internets sind zur Zeit nur in den Computerkabinetten und wenigen anderen Zimmern die notwendigen Anschlüsse vorhanden und eine effektive Verdunkelung der Fenster auf der Rückseite wäre vor allem in den Sommermonaten wichtig.Während der Bauarbeiten ist ein Unterricht in der Schule nicht möglich.

My question is, would it be better to use Multiple Indexes as I am right now?

I am not an coder my self but here is an piece of code to work with date: //====Code Start date = new Date(Date); d = Date String(); Y = Full Year(); M = '0' Month() 1; M = M.slice(-2); D = '0' Day(); D.slice(-2); return d ' - ' Y '_' M '_' D item.ext; //====Code End but img Date give me always , so this code is wrong too. Because of different date/time formats, time zones, and daylight saving times, working with dates and times is always more complicated than it needs to be.

The img Date and modified Date are exposed to the Java Script engine as days since january first 1899.

If there is anybody using scripting in AR, please share your code!!! So please be patient till the forum is filled with useful info about scripting.

An good start is to read some basic infos about JS so to know that JS keywords are case-sensitive and 'tostring' is different to 'to String'. Reply to #1: Working with dates and times is a thing not properly implemented in scripting yet.

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