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So you embark upon a relationship if they are attracted to you as well.

The real term for its “idealized positive transference.” Idealized, that’s easy – that’s your image of the perfect person for you.

What advertisers understand and capitalize on is that crunching and chewing are primal activities, inborn urges dating back to the first life-forms that ever “crunched” on each other.

So important is the level of crunch that many years ago, potato-chip manufacturers developed a sophisticated apparatus to measure the perceived level of crunch that consumers hear in their heads.

Attraction, idealized positive transference which I call the honeymoon, reality, commitment, and then hopefully eventually marriage. The attraction phase is the easiest one and we all go through it.

You see somebody across a room, you see them at a bar, you see them out with friends and you find yourself strongly and physically attracted to them.

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