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For example, as solid alternative to Microsoft Money on Mac which not only manages money but actually optimizes your investments, Personal Capital is both free and really effective.

You can read more about Personal Capital along with a roundup of the best personal finance software for Mac here.

If you’ve recently switched to Mac you might have realized that there’s no Microsoft Money for Mac but with a little time and effort, you can still install MS Money on Mac for free using Wineskin.

Be aware however that this can be a bit complicated for most general general users and we strongly recommend taking a look at some of the excellent Microsoft Money alternatives for Mac such as Personal Capital instead.

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Being a Python newbie, I’m sure the script can be made much more elegant, but what I have now works. I ran the script, which imported a dummy statement with the current prices into the Dummy Investment account.

Set up an account in Money for each checking and savings account you keep with a bank. This window is the starting point for managing accounts you have set up in Money. Click the Add a New Account link, the first one listed under Common Tasks.

Be sure to get out the paperwork before you set up the checking or savings account. The Choose an Account Type window, shown in Figure 1, appears. The first option, Banking, appears to be the one for setting up a checking or savings account, but the Banking option is really for setting up online checking and savings accounts.

See for an explanation of the Sunset versions US Money Plus Deluxe Sunset Downloadable from Dlx [static link] or use Some US users of older versions of Money (Money 98 through Money 2003) may have to use an additional step, described in , of first installing a verson of US Money 2004 or 2005 to perform a file conversion before installing Money Plus Sunset.

id=20738 US Money Plus Home and Business Sunset Downloadable from Biz [static link] or use US and Canadian Money 2005 and Essentials users — as well as other US and usually Canadian users — can use Money Plus Deluxe Sunset if they have to reinstall at some point. Here is a link to a minimally functional version of US Money 2005 (filename webinst.exe) that can be used for conversions: 2005 UK – QFE2 Self-contained UK Money 2005 file including all available patches. Usually solves “Money cannot locate the file because it’s a read only file or you do not have permission to change it” error message.

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