The ting tings dating

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They appeared at Glastonbury Festival and toured around universities in U.

Last year, the Ting Tings were just a couple of failed musicians living in an old mill in Salford.

Now, on the eve of a sell-out UK tour, the whole world wants a piece of them. Meet the coolest band in Britain, being very uncool.

"This is typical us," the Ting Tings' Jules De Martino is saying.

But the song that really won everyone over was “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys.

Gigi was barely two years old when the song came out in 1999, but she totally nailed the lyrics—and looked amazing in a shiny black leather cat suit in the process.

Lots of exciting shows have been announced recently. Lissy Trullie special guests Adam Green, Mark Ronson Harley & Cassie on November 17 @ Santos Party House.

M., Grandmaster Flash, and the Asteroids Galaxy Tour on November 21 @ Webster Hall. Gang Gang Dance and Marnie Stern on November 29 @ Santos Party House. Matt Pinfield's Holiday Extravaganza featuring The Ting Tings, Mike Doughty, The Duke Spirit, and The Airborne Toxic Event on December 9 @ Blender Theater.

'Hey Lil Wayne, it's Jules from the Ting Tings, pleased to meet you.' Cause we're in a foreign environment and I wanna meet people, say hello, and understand what's going on in LA or America with these American acts.The Ting Tings est un duo tumultueux de pop indé orientée dance composé de la chanteuse-guitariste Katie White et du batteur Jules De Martino.Il se forme dans le district de Salford, près de Manchester (Angleterre) en 2006.They began 2008 playing bottom of the bill on the NME new bands the play-by-play in a Saturday feature on the band, detailing how they spent nine months recording in a German jazz club, only to get spooked after a visit by label executives.

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