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Okay, so now I'm at the end of the day and I'm no longer cool. The diary/blog is all about Sonya's high jinx and her life as it unfolds on the fast lane she's living it up on. She lives in Bombay but travels the world for her work -- shows and shoots.I remember saying it would be cool if just talked here and there. I laugh now because I remember times when I wanted men I dated to call or see me more and here I am telling someone who was ALWAYS there, to fall back a little. So I tell him all this and he simply says, "OK." No argument. I didn't realize that I even cared that much about them. Kinda was nice to wake up to it everyday, but I shrugged it off. Then the afternoon came and he didn't check in to see how my day was going. I said maybe he's busy, so I sent him a how are you text and he responded, but hours later. She can party real hard and can drink a guy under the table. I stumbled upon this description for a hostel in Amsterdam.If you send this as an opener I will inevitably give up reading half way through reading it.

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Do not let love pass you by - there are thousands of beautiful women not featured in the gallery and waiting for a letter from a gentleman just like yourself!

There is a general misconception that every single woman is praying day and night, for a spouse. Personally, I find myself praying more about my career and bank account balance than I do about a potential life partner.

This isn’t an article about how I don’t need a man or how men aren’t important.

Truth be told, men are important and marriage, when done properly, can be a wonderful thing.

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