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This is where most of the stars have also gotten into trouble, with either teetering on the brink or ending up in foreclosures.This includes famous names, like Octomom Nadya Suleman, Nicolas Cage, and various members of the Real Housewives cast.Updating your app does more than just increase app store optimization, but it also increases user retention.User experience is one of the key points to user retention.There’s nothing wrong in this, but you should be aware about how much your income can afford.Going beyond your means and spending extravagantly, while buying costly houses and bungalows that you cannot afford can land you in great financial trouble.

Tax laws change every few years, and your will needs to be updated as the laws change so you know your beneficiaries are receiving what you’d like them to receive.There are, of course, obvious circumstances that call for immediate attention to updating your will.At the same time, there are reasons that may prompt an update or change to your will but are not always obvious.Perhaps your income has changed, or maybe you came in to some money. Whatever the case, if your finances have changed, you may wish to go in to your will and make some tweaks and changes so it’s accurate.It’s possible you got married, got divorced, had kids, had grandkids, or even had the good fortune of adding nieces or nephews to the family.

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