Advice to young man dating unwed mother

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Finding out your unwed daughter is pregnant is a shock no Christian parent wants to face, but many do.

Try as hard as we might, we cannot keep our children from the consequences of their sin.

Following The only real man in the room I’ve been trying to track down replacements for the Pastor Driscoll sermons which are disappearing from the web.

I finally found a replacement video and two transcripts for the sermon I quoted at the top of Fragging Christian Headship.

The report, which analyses figures from the Office for National Statistics, found that 93 per cent of couples whose relationships are still intact by the time their child is a teenager are married.

That sermon is the second part of a two part series on men, women, and marriage.

In the end of Part 1, Women and Marriage, Driscoll chastises Christian men who desire a wife who doesn’t come ready made with another man’s child, explaining that God may not wish this.

About a year ago you did a few posts about what guys and gals are looking for (and NOT looking for) in relationships. (Watch out with that one.) They might do good deeds. The church is one of the best hiding places for an abusive individual because they know Christians are often gullible about stuff like this. Do you feel like he doesn’t care to understand you?

After following your blog for the last year, and reading through the many comments, I see that you are not alone in naming abuse and getting recognition for what it is. Some abusers may express their anger in passive ways. It’s a manipulative technique meant to make you feel guilty for calling them out on their behavior and get you to actually believe that you are the guilty party. George Simon puts it like this: Covert-aggression is at the heart of most interpersonal manipulation.

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