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Thanks Hello, I found that the first PC game Crysis has 3 updates. The error message I receive is that the Installation cannot find Just make sure that the option to auto-update is properly set in Origin.

To do this, Go in Origin/Settings/General tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the auto-update for the games.

See the Games section of this site for a list of Crysis patches.

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This is the second v1.2 patch for the critically acclaimed Crysis. I copied the folders of the two games I had installed (BF3 and Crysis 3) from "C:\Program Files\Origin Games" to my desktop, and then I uninstalled Origin. Ok, so the EA FAQ was absolutely useless so I did some searching and found a thread in that had a quicker way to find a fix than to redownload everything.Patch 1.2 can be applied to both vanilla Crysis (v1.0) and Crysis v1.1 since it will update automatically to Crysis version 1.2.Make sure to get the Patch 2 Changelog: Optimizations and Stability * Corrected a number of memory leaks with FSAA modes.

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