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Die Art wird in zwei Unterarten unterteilt: die nominotypische Unterart Eudonia lacustrata lacustrata, die im größeren Teil des Verbreitungsgebietes vorkommt und Eudonia lacustrata persica Leraut, 1984, die im Iran und Armenien nachgewiesen ist.if (typeof(Zen) == "undefined") Zen = ; Zen.facebook = false; Questions = false; Zen.developer Mode = false; Zen.notifications Enabled = true; Zen.caches Disabled = true; Confluence Admin = false; zen5 = true; zen4 = true; Zen.confluence42 = true; Zen.confluence43 = true; Zen.confluence50 = true; Zen.confluence53 = true; context = "page"; disable Edits = false; home Page Url = "/display/openspace/Home"; home Page Crumb Title = "Open Space"; page Id = null; space Key = null; Editing = false; Zen.editing In Conf5 = Zen.confluence50 && Editing; can Edit = false; is Historical Version = false; import Word = false; can Edit Sections = false; is Licensed = true; is Blog List Placeholder = false; zen Watermark Text Transform = "$zen Watermark Text Transform"; has Draft = false; Search Target Element = "#header"; Zen.pages Collector = false; Zen.blogposts Collector = false; Zen.labels Display = false; Space Admin = false; Zen.colors.primary = to RGB("#009ee0"); Zen.colors.secondary = to RGB("#949698"); Zen.colors.tertiary = to RGB("#BBDCE8"); Zen.= to RGB("#111E2F"); Zen.colors.medium = to RGB("#7C99A0"); Zen.colors.light = to RGB("#E9EFF2"); Zen.colors.darkgray = to RGB("#A8A8A8"); Zen.colors.mediumgray = to RGB("#CCCCCC"); Zen.colors.lightgray = to RGB("#DBDBDB"); Zen.colors.white = to RGB("#FFFFFF"); if (Zen.colors.primary) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Primary Color"; if (Zen.colors.secondary) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Secondary Color"; if (Zen.colors.tertiary) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Tertiary Color"; if (Zen.colors.dark) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.to Lower Case()] = "$zen Dark Color"; if (Zen.colors.medium) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Medium Color"; if (Zen.colors.light) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Light Color"; if (Zen.colors.darkgray) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Dark Gray Color"; if (Zen.colors.mediumgray) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Medium Gray Color"; if (Zen.colors.lightgray) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen Light Gray Color"; if (Zen.colors.white) Zen.reverse Colors[Zen.colors.Lower Case()] = "$zen White Color"; Breadcrumbs Before Collapse = 5; Site Landing Page Breadcrumb = true; Toolbar From User = false; Toolbar By Default = true; Toolbar To Anonymous Users = true; Zen.always Show Edit Buttons = false; Zen.anonymous User = true; Zen.should Open New Window For Outside Links = false; User Full Screen = false; Zen.location = ; Zen.location.images = "/plugins/servlet/zenfoundation/zenservlet/designs/brands/NESPOS/images/"; Zen.location.icons = "/plugins/servlet/zenfoundation/zenservlet/designs/brands/NESPOS/icons/"; Properties = ; Brand Undo = false; Brand Redo = false; Zen.quick Search Space Only = false; Zen.space Name = "Public NESPOS Space"; Zen.space Key = "Public Nespos Space"; space Key = "Public Nespos Space"; page Id = 29885028; page Id As String = "29885028"; Blog = false ; posted Days Ago = -3142; latest Version Page Id = 29885028; page Url = "/display/Public Nespos Space/Figueira Brava 2 - premolar P4"; page Title = "$Title(page)"; Title Anchor Prefix = "Figueira Brava2-premolar P4-"; page Title Unadorned = ""; is Historical Version = false; Drafts Disabled = true; can Edit = false; can Blog = false; zen Blog Post Summary Limit = 150; Breadcrumbs = true; zen Should Show Labels = true; Stretchy = false; Zen.should Open New Window For Outside Links = true; require Label = false && ! This should not be confused with the usage of the term "anomaly" in the philosophy of science, where it means a measurement or observation which cannot be reconciled with current theory. to access the accurate world standard time provided by NIST atomic clocks.Das Verbreitungsgebiet dieser Art umfasst ganz Europa und Nordwestafrika und zieht sich über die Türkei, Syrien, Iran, Sibirien bis nach Westchina. Sie lebt im Buschland, lichten Wäldern und in Gärten.Die Falter fliegen von Mai bis Oktober, je nach Region, im Norden meist etwas später.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.

A mineraloid formed from the solidified resin of trees. A rather unreliable method of absolute dating based on measuring the racemization of organic remains. Articles: Glaciers, Glacial marine sediment, Ice ages. The beginning of a glacier; the zone in which snowfall exceeds the loss of snow by melting or evaporation. Erosion of rocks caused by the sediments carried by wind or water. Dating methods which tell us how old a rock or fossil is, as opposed to relative dating. Sandstone formed from sand deposited by the wind, i.e. A fan-shaped deposit of sediment left where a mountain stream reaches a plain. Radioactive decay involving the emission of an alpha particle. A particle consisting of two protons and two neutrons. Any of an important class of silicate minerals in which the structure involves aluminum-based as well as silicon-based tetrahedra.

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