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The following table highlights the main provisions of the Arizona's indecent exposure laws.

See Sexual Assault, Sex Crimes, and Sex Offenders and Sex Offenses for more information.

This year, in honor of the Summer Olympic Games in Brazil, clothing-optional resorts are hosting the AANR Nude Games."We have Nude Recreation Week every year, and try to celebrate at the end of the week by attracting people that might want to try the lifestyle," said Beverly Price, AANR president.

​"Some people need a little bit of a push, and when they realize we are just playing games for the weekend, might say, 'Let's go try it.' "Shangri La Ranch in New River, north of Anthem, will offer games on Saturday, July 9, inviting anyone who is curious to come check it out. There also will be karaoke on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night.

Piltz says he's still shaken up by the bizarre incident."My wife said, ' Ty, there's a man in the house,'" Piltz said. "And I said, ' Yeah, daddy got rid of the bad man.'"Piltz says he's relieved he didn't shoot the man but said he would have done what he needed to keep the family safe."You know, if he wouldn't have left, I know that I wouldn't have hesitated to shoot him," he said.

Arizona Indecent Exposure Penalties If the victim is fifteen or more years of age it is a class 1 misdemeanor.

While there is not a mandatory jail sentence, the maximum jail term for a class 1 misdemeanor is six (6) months.

TEMPE, AZ - Authorities are continuing to search for a man who walked into a Tempe home without any clothes on.

On Wednesday, Tempe police were called to the area of Scottsdale Road and Mc Kellips Street after a homeowner said a nude man walked into his home uninvited.

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