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Sunday was Kyle’s actual birthday and I didn’t tell him his birthday surprise.

To keep him on his toes, I simply informed Kyle he was spending Wednesday with me.

We won't needlessly repeat Robbie Burns's famous dictum about the best laid plans, but Herbert Rich should have known about it or he wouldn't have contrived a "too clever" plot to do away with Jack Fleet, a wartime pal that Herbert, rightly or wrongly, now regards as a rival for his wife Joan's affections.

It’s difficult to find topics that interest you and your audience.The gifts have always varied in price, practicality and complexity, yet the goal has always remained the same, to introduce Kyle to new adventures and opportunities for personal growth.My gifts may not all be extravagant, but they’re always unique and given from the heart.And then they go and spoil them by some tiny oversight which gives the whole thing away, so that their guilt stands out a mile.It’s like a man who fits up an elaborate electrical system in his house: lights, fires, heaters; every conceivable gadget and convenience, and then spoils it all by forgetting to switch on the current.

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    She said: “I think a lot of people went into that meeting with quite fixed ideas about each other and came out quite surprised by what they had heard.” Archer, whose husband interviewed Fonda, 78, and veterans of both the war and the anti-war movement, said she had met the actress only a few times.

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