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When my fiancé and I are not in the same city, I’m depressed. The problem with acceptance is that it can come in either one of two forms: Replacement or Surrender. 90% of couples I know that are in long-term relationships have opted for replacement.I know when I’ve hit this phase because I don’t want to Skype with my fiancé.

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When we have an important intimate relationship, it’s that relationship that is often central to our thoughts.

Image Source: here Saat tanggal pernikahan ditentukan, pada umumnya para pasangan yang mau menikah beserta keluarganya sibuk dengan tetek bengek persiapan teknis pernikahan seperti gedung, format acara, baju pengantin, katering, dll.

Sedikit sekali pasangan yang memasukkan cek kesehatan ke dalam daftar persiapan pernikahannya.

There is nothing more anxiety provoking than looking into a mirror and seeing yourself — not the you that is primped and pressed, but the naked you,” wrote Amy Przeworski, Ph. I like that quote because I think it rings true for so many people, those with anxiety in particular.

Anxiety sufferers report that the condition impacts all their relationships, but their romantic relationships suffer the most.

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