Error updating turbotax firing a intimidating employee

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Could not be more delighted to see this company's already extremely low rating - it is well deserved.

I wanted an easy way to do my taxes, this was NOT it.

Basically blaming me saying I didn't input the correct information or I deleted something. I told him, "All this work done was worthless and unusable." He could care less. Anyway, I call turbotax and they expected me to pay them the 3 for doing my taxes, I wanted this Payment taken out of the refund. I had been a happy user of Turbo Tax's online product until this year when it failed to transfer my previous year data and user info.

The income from my 1099 is missing however everything else is correct and labeled and deductions are even present. They sent me the corrected info I needed (big plus for IRS). Told him to refund my money so I could find a tax program that does have all info. After them hounding me for the fee I finally snapped. They cared about their money, if this was H&R block they would see I would get my money. When I called, after checking, they just "shrugged their shoulders" and offered no remedy, or compensation, even though this doubled my time preparing my return. I had to pay because I have a health savings account (HSA). The IRS wants to charge me 7 for setting up installment payments.

Solution 1: Getting an Error 1327 message when installing the program may be related to corrupted "My Pictures" registry keys, which can be caused when the My Pictures folder is pointed to an external or nonexistent drive.

Although not a Turbo Tax issue, it needs to be corrected to install Turbo Tax.

These 42002 error messages can appear during program installation, while a Intuit Inc.-related software program (eg.

Turbo Tax) is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system.

Once you've installed Turbo Tax on your computer, updating the software provides essential fixes for software bugs and any last-minute changes in tax law.

Although Turbo Tax is a secure and well-built program, users still sometimes have issues updating their software.

Most of these problems are minor and can be easily resolved with basic troubleshooting.

At this point it just seemed easier to grit my teeth and pay... Paying was a huge headache, as their system was not working and I talked to one incompetent customer service provider after another.

Ultimately they charged me TWICE for something I really should not have had to pay for in the first place and despite continuing to leap through incompetent customer service individuals and conversations with literal robots on the phone, I have still not reached a person who can refund me my money.

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