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Mr Weller said Oasis had a licensed and competent project manager, site foreman, contract administrator, document controller and a work health and safety officer at the Bundaberg Multiplex during its construction.

He directed some of the blame towards Bundaberg Regional Council, who rejected several of Oasis's choices for subcontractors because they were not local contractors, forcing Oasis to engage contractors who had been found "wanting in quality, available resources and ability”."These local trades have not often worked under contractual arrangements that require the level of compliance with quality assurance that was required by Bundaberg Regional Council on this project and face significant hurdles in complying with the requirements,” Mr Weller said."These contractors are generally small due to the size of projects generally undertaken in regional areas, and often band together where they do not have the capacity to undertake the works on their own."With a limited resource pool available and restrictive head contract arrangements that prevent the builder from sourcing bigger and more experienced subcontractors, the builder is forced to utilise local resources that they would not normally subcontract to on larger projects.”Mr Weller acknowledged Oasis had received complaints from a few subcontractors.The state observes Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) all year.The Queensland Labor government has no plans to re-introduce daylight saving time.The new pro-daylight saving party, known as the Daylight Saving for South East Queensland Party (DS4SEQ), has only policy – to reintroduce daylight saving time into south-east Queensland.It has no other policies, no other agendas and will not offer comment on any other issue.

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