Dining room updating

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For a touch of unexpected color, we used apple green ceramic lamps.

She was also able to use her existing mirror but hung it vertically to add height and added framed black and white photographs to better fill the wall space.

Facing the other way, the windows were covered in ivy and had this kinda awkward but cute cut out.

I thought it was cute until I realized how much harder it is to design a narrow room with a jut-in bay window like this: These photos make it look bright but trust me, it was super dark and just felt sad.

But it was time to move things around a bit, because I get bored.

By the way, since someone always asks when I post pictures of the dining room table and chairs, yes, they are painted, and yes, I did the monograms myself. Also, I built the shelving when we were in our previous home in Nashville–they were super easy. If you want to learn more about the shelves, Amy wrote a tutorial on the DIY open shelving , and weren’t they pretty in her kitchen?

Let’s recap: This room may have originally been the dining room, I’m not sure.

Another source of both function and design confusion for me.Originally we though that this would serve as a great cozy room to read with them, but we typically read books in the living room and in their rooms as that living room is just so much more inviting, which brings me to this – how do I fix the design of the room to make us want to hang out in it more while still holding on to its function as the now cozy TV room?Currently, this room is the one that we want to be in the least and our house isn’t huge so neglecting one perfectly good room is a big old waste of square footage. After weeks of teasing you on Instagram, I’m finally back in my blogging groove and sharing our newest space today.By the way, this is definitely my favorite room in the house now!

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