Android weather widget not updating

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The video from the IP camera would not update after a sleep.

You basically had to remove the widget then add it again for it to work.

I am trying to implement a simple widget for display on the home screen.

After that the widget displays and on Update is never called again. I was going line by line through the docs and they didn't mention that.

I also inspect the settings of the provder when on Update is called and everything set in XML above (e.g. However, based on your answer I dugfurther and noticed that I am looking at 1.5 docs.

I do not use the MIUI launcher - so I though it might be that. Is there some setting that I can use to make these apps (widgets) refresh? Yes you can this as a bug then a least the devs will look into this in bug feedback at top of reeking nore forum this link may not work but where the tags are you will see bug tab select it and report thanks. mod=bugfeedback&fid=5 Thought that the battery usage suggestion by @Veerasuri might have been the magic answer, but alas, widgets still don't work.

I tried several launchers - ie Nova, Go, Buzz and a few others I cannot recall. Have Red Mi Note 2, updated to V7.1, and also set Autostart Permissions, Background Data, etc., as recommended elsewhere to no avail Seems to be a ROM problem, or as @Veerasuri said, Xiaomi just doesn't support 3rd party widgets, which make Xiaomi phones a non-starter for me.

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