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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Keith looked back at the 16 series so far and admitted it's weird watching Holly on This Morning – because he knows what she's really like.

He told us: "It's weird seeing Holly on This Morning and me knowing how naughty she is, if you know what I mean." He referenced last year's Halloween special in which the buxom blonde admitted she was "a little bit drunk".

Fern: It’s a bit like saying ‘what makes this drama stand out?

’ when there are so many good dramas around, so they are all bringing something different.

I’ve been back in the building guesting on bits and pieces and saying hello to old friends but it is rather lovely to come back.

The loved-up couple, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary back in July, posed for a sweet photo to mark the occasion, which was shared with Fearne's fans over on her Instagram account. I hate that he leaves every cupboard open after he's made a cup of tea... "Story of our life," wrote one, while another added: "Amen to that! "I hear ya sister," Emma wrote underneath the photo, while Denise showed her delight by simply inserting a love heart emoji. #anactualdatenight ♥️A post shared by Fearne (@fearnecotton) on The photo proved popular with Fearne's followers, including fellow celebrities Emma Willis and Denise Van Outen.But this one just brings so much energy, and when you say goodbye to the contestants who are being eliminated, we don’t go and be nice to them - it’s bang, and they’re gone!But it’s good natured and there’s a lot to learn, as well as proper demonstrations from proper cooks who know what they’re talking about. It’s not focussed on celebrities, it’s purely based on solid cooking technique.

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