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'It's very pretty, but it's all wrong,' says Carla Stone, 23, from Australia. It is just over a year since the film was released and, despite a steely determination that their island will 'never do a Captain Corelli' - nearby Kefalonia, where Captain Corelli's Mandolin was filmed, was mobbed in the wake of that film's release in 2001 - it's clear that life will never be quite the same again for the 4,969 Skopelites. There is no Hollywoodisation of the island, in fact, no tasteless tat at all. bar, run by a lugubrious man called Demetri - who was Brosnan's driver during the filming - and dismissed as 'tacky' by many locals.

'There are no pews, and the altar's weird.' 'It's tiny! 'There's barely room for Meryl Streep, let alone the three dads and all the wedding guests.' 'We've seen the film eight times and have come all the way from Warsaw especially, so this is very upsetting,' says Karl, 28. The islanders' official policy has always been maximum friendliness and minimal Mamma Mia! Oh, and a smart signpost at each sacred stop on the Mamma Mia!

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Top three reasons why: the singing, the dancing, the acting.

'They must have used a film set for the inside.' Even the visitors' book is brimming with disappointment. trail - the church, the bay where the cast danced on the jetty, the trees where Sophie enjoyed a picnic with her three 'fathers'. - we don't want our island to change because of a film,' says mayor Hristos Vasiloudis, who is sitting in his sunny office in a pink, short-sleeved shirt and jeans.

'We have culture, architecture, ancient history and pride.

"Mamma mia" became boring to me after they changed the concept and didn't have new guests every week. It kind of looked like picking on one another based on the episodes topics.

And it was ok to see some fixed members here and there but, only able to see fixed members all the time became boring.

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