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So, for those of you that are interested in finding out what i OS 9.3 is all about, we are going to go over all the new and hidden features Apple’s latest i OS provides.

i OS 9.3, while not as huge as the i OS 9 update, still packs a solid load of new apps, settings, and updates to existing apps.

If you don't know what to do, please leave us a message in the comment area. How to Copy Non-purchased Songs from i Phone to Mac Solution 2.

How to Transfer Purchased Music from i Phone to Mac Part 2.

Apple doubled the amount of storage offered on the i Phone 7 with 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB so it’s also likely you can fit a lot, if not most, of your whole music library on your i Phone now.

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The trick here is to make a single playlist that includes your full library without needing to maintain it.

We have gone over some of the items over the past few months, but here is another, detailed overview of everything new in i OS 9.3 Night Shift is one of the most discussed items of the i OS 9.3 feature set.

The option is embedded within the Settings app and provides a shift and screen temperature depending on you location and time of day at said location.

How to Sync Music from Mac to i Phone with i Tunes Solution 5.

How to Send Music from Mac to i Phone via Cloud Services Part 3. Questions and Answers for Transferring Music between i Phone and Mac You can't depend on i Tunes to transfer non-purchased music, including songs ripped from CDs, downloaded via an app or from websites on i Phone , from your i Phone to Mac because i Tunes never allows you to do that.

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