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His series had a cause, and an incalculably important one at that: examining the racial divide in America via the lens of young, black and brown students at a fictional Ivy League school.

With as much real-life references to Ferguson and Black Lives Matter as there are pop culture riffs on Drake and Quentin Tarantino, “Dear White People’s” first priority is insightful commentary fueled by an array of characters.

The same went for Paul and Jamie on “Mad About You,” Jim and Pam on “The Office,” Lorelai and Luke on “Gilmore Girls,” Derek and Meredith on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and so on and so forth.We felt better knowing they were OK, and that was the great service each show provided, in the end.Well, we have a new great TV couple to fall for in 2017, but the fate of “Dear White People” isn’t tied to the whether or not Sam (Logan Browning) and Gabe (John Patrick Amedori) will or won’t.Justin Simien’s 2014 movie Dear White People was about the politics, activism, and social scene at Winchester, a racially divided Ivy League college.In the movie version of DWP, everything was rushed—the story and issues were too big to cram into 100 minutes.

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