Who is barron hilton dating

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2) According to TMZ, Hilton claimed Lindsay Lohan instigated the fight, egging his attacker on.

The results are then fact checked and confirmed by a team of editors.In the video, Lohan avoids Hilton, cursing at him before getting into her car.6) Barron Hilton is taken to a Miami hospital to be treated for injuries he sustained during the alleged altercation.The heir to the Hilton fortune was accused of shouting homophobic abuse in court, allegedly yelling: ‘So f***ing gay.’ A camera in the coutroom did not pick up the audio, however, TMZ reporters who attended claimed they heard the outburst.The outburst came as Judge Mark Hanasono said the 23-year-old would be released to the custody of his father Rick, and into the care of a psychiatric hospital in Houston, Texas for his condition to be diagnosed. The judge added that if Conrad leaves the clinic before his June 29 arraignment date, he’ll be taken straight back into custody.

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