Speed dating ottawa gay

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Speed dating has been kicking around as a cultural phenomenon since the late 1990s.

The format typically includes 10 to 12 blind dates, each lasting three to eight minutes.

I made the decision on a whim and have to confess that, if not for randomly coming across a company that offers these events online, I would never have pursued this.

Speed dating to me was a trend that had come and gone and was almost exclusively for straight people. Speed dating is still here, and it can be quite queer.

-- I would like to say that I'm intelligent and witty, but in all honestly, I probably come off as anxious and awkward as a first impression, lol.Several speed-dating companies target specific communities, and the LGBT community happens to be one of them.I saw that for myself when I ventured out to an event run by Single and Eligible. Two women had called in sick, so what should have been two events became one 19-plus event. The small candles at each table made it all the more intimate.Each date is 7 minutes long and you will be asked to simply put a yes or no check mark beside each date's name you meet.The men will rotate to the next tables every 7 minutes with a mid point break during the event.

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