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Sophos is provided free to students going to universities, for example university of saskatchewan or Uof S provides free Sophos use on students/faculties/staff computers at home.

They however have this Auto update schedule to check for updates ever hour, which is awfully annoying, and some users will not like to have sophos update regularly every hour. You might need to redo this step if you update manually using the Update Now option. Unless you make your files as Read only (i will try that later on ) .

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If you believe you have received this message in error, please check with your system administrator.

I'm pretty sure the problem got introduced with the following update that came in on 2/2/2015 source/network-manager-applet BTW, you can still access the configure side of the VPN by running the "nm-connection-editor" from terminal session.

I don't know why they killed the applet selections for "Configure" and "Disconnect" VPN in the latest update.

In Windows Explorer, if you attempt to Extract All on an archive file that is located on a removable device, the action is blocked and an error is shown on the screen.

To extract the archive file, open it and copy the files inside to the target location.

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