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Celine Dion and her backup dancer, Pepe Munoz, are only inseparable onstage, because she’s still a single woman … Photos of the two hanging out together in Paris sparked rumors the singer was dating again after the death of her husband Rene Angelil. Our Celine sources tell us the relationship is completely platonic.Pepe’s a dancer on her international summer tour, and they know each other through mutual friends in Las Vegas.They want you in their lives, and they’ll maintain the relationship, but they also don’t want you to think that you’re their main flame now. This might even be true, but then why do you feel like their SO without the benefits? They’ll comment on your pictures or fave your tweets, but balk when you want to hang out Since social media is an easy, effortless way to keep in contact with someone, it makes sense that the person you’re having a relationship with keeps you around online, and harmlessly checks up on you by commenting on your new haircut, or writing “LOL” on that funny thing you tweeted this morning. When they find out you’re dating someone new, they seem to be annoyed or protective seems like they just want you single and available forever. They’ll call you when they’re in a fight with whoever they’re dating You’re the person they go to when they need someone to talk to, or even if their boyfriend or girlfriend is bit self-serving. They say, “if we’re both single by the time we’re 40 — let’s get married! I know I’VE said this to someone even though I probably didn’t mean it. You make a pact with a guy or girl you like, and you feel as though you’ve eliminated any chance of ending up alone. but they are women who you pay just enough attention to so that they know you are interested in them.Pepe also has a side hustle as a fashion illustrator, so that’s why he was spotted all over Paris with her — including at a couture fashion show.

You can always restore the backup if you are not satisfied with your changes.

you have to do or say something to them or with them just to keep the idea of you fresh in their mind. If she is someone you see at her work (like a waitress or at some business you frequent), then my style would be to touch her arm and say something warm to her when you see her (again – don’t be cheesy). You have to keep whoever is on the back burner warm – which means paying them some attention.

And when it is time for the relationship with your front burner girlfriend to end – you move one of the back burner women to the front burner.

If you tell Time Machine to stop backing-up to a drive (by removing it via the Preferences window), that window "forgets" about the backups on the drive.

If you re-select it, the dates of the backups will show "None" (or dashes on Snow Leopard and earlier), until the next backup is .

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