Aston merrygold dating stacey

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It got to about 11 and Stacey & Ty were the next to go up just leaving me and Aston. No matter how I annoyed I am" he replied interlocking his fingers with mine. " "there's more secrets your keeping, you know there is" I couldn't say anything because he was right. " Aston looked at me kind of disappointment in his eyes. Half hour later and I was finally tucked up in bed ready to attempt to get some sleep, but before checking a message that had just come through on my phone.

Before Stace went up she had literally threatened me to be nice to him, she really was trying to get us at least back on normal friendship talking terms but I didn't know how it was going to work as we both still had feelings. You must be knackered" I said politely as he shuffled about on the sofa a bit. Without thinking I moved closer and laid there, cuddling up into him. I wasn't going to tell him the truth about me and Jack, I couldn't. Been away for 8 months with no cuddles, need to make up for it all" I looked up at him, his big cheeky grin literally sparkled. " We lay there for what felt like ages, comfortably in each others grip. I knew what he was thinking, and as much as it would be harmless, it was wrong. [Gooooodnight ; p Axxx] - My phone vibrated again, but this time not from Aston.

Trouble erupts on several occasions which seems to persuade them both that it really isn't meant to be. Later that night the house had calmed down, JJ, Chloe and JB had all gone to bed because the time difference was catching up on them.

I went and awkwardly joined him on it, sitting on the edge as we all started to chat away... "I don't know, I guess I care about you a lot! Because I know there is a lot more to all this" "what do you mean? "I know" he said trying to smile and following me upstairs.

But although the series doesn’t kick off until September, Aston has already been tipped to scoop the glitterball trophy.

Mollie King was definitely ready to learn some moves, as she arrived wearing head to toe black lounge wear and monochrome Nike trainers, with her trademark blonde locks looking wavy and glamorous and her ...

"noo, time difference never effects me" He smiled looking at the tv. "You look like your about to fall of the edge of this sofa, your actually sitting that far away from me" he laughed looking at me. All of a sudden every muscle in my body felt relaxed, my emotions and worries skipped away and I felt a smile form on my face, an actual smile! Aston would literally force me to go back home, he wouldn't want me living here on my own any longer. Times like this made me realise how much I had missed him, oh why did I fuck all this up? Aston was running his fingers gently up and down my arms relaxing me so much I could have fallen asleep there and then but managed to keep myself awake by talking now and again. *1 New Message - Jack* [On my way over so hope this wakes you if your asleep! why couldn't he just be calm for once in his life, he was always so on edge like he had something to hide and anger was his way of expressing it!

I just frowned at him as I started to giggle a little moving to a more comfortable spot on it. I guess I was just going to have to live these 3 weeks of fantasy with Aston in my life and then go back to living in hell when he leaves again. Might go to bed" I said as I began to get up but he pulled me back down. Let me in xxxx] I sighed reading the message before quickly replying. Friends are all sleeping :) Xx] Erh the fact that Jack was coming round right now had put a complete downer on my mood. "hey" I fake smiled and kissed him as he walked in the door. " he asked eagerly attacking his lips on mine again. But I couldn't tell him that, he'd start asking questions and just get really pissy about it so I had to lie but hated doing it. Axx] - and we left it at that as I finally managed to drift off to sleep, feeling numb.

The thing was, that was my ideal plan, but probably not Astons! Now that he thought I had moved on he would probably do the same and use this trip to go back to his old ways... "yeah but..." "If you dare say you don't want sex tonight I will fucking bang your head on that door!

" I shook my head slightly pulling away from him but he gripped onto me again, forcing all my clothes off as he picked me up and pushed my naked body up against the wall.

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