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In just a couple of years since launch, tinder’s simple UX and social/geo matching ability have made it a quick leader in the mobile dating space.I was curious just how big tinder has become, so I did a little searching recently.While this is just half of the truth and a somewhat general statement as well, what I really meant to say there is: You can have a hell lot of fun here in Thailand and meet and sleep with beautiful Thai women over and over again without paying much money.

Click here to set up your free online hunting journal now. Moon Phase Theories: Before we discuss rutting activity dates and tactics, let's briefly discuss the two most-popular theories for determining the dates.The first, and probably most data-backed, is the photoperiod theory.Most wildlife bilogists and experts at the QDMA would tell you that this is the most accurate method for determining when the rut takes place, and it varies very little from year to year.Sites like and e Harmony have been using the magic of modern technology for years to match up singles, but the game was taken to a whole new level with the advent of the mobile app.While some of the originals have adapted and still hold their own, a new wave of mobile-first platforms have joined the fray led by tinder.

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