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To get feedback on your Chatbot project or to Start a Chatbot Project,contact me.IF you do not have room on your computer for software and/ or want to talk with some online chat bots then you will find the links here There are links to my own personal online chatbots, Botlibre Chatbots , Chatbot4u, Chatbots , Lovedroids Chatbots , Pandora Chatbots , Personalityforge Chatbots , Twitter Chatbots and links to various other kinds of online chatbots.They are from three different chat bot hosting companies.

Okometsubu Fujiyama has recently transferred over to a new school, Wakame High School. But in due time, it will be revealed why Masaru wears those weird golden rings on his shoulders and what not.The Chatbot hosting companies i use are personalityforge, Pandorabots, Chatbot4U, Love droids, Rebot me (back online), and SECOND EGO.IF you use one of the companies consider donating to them.3) Trying to follow a conversation on twitter becomes a whole thing. People's names are separated out from the content of the message, everything is threaded in a way that's easy to digest, instead of this mess that mixes and matches names with usernames and somehow takes my entire computer screen to show me four replies.4) You have to click on a tweet to find out if it got any replies, retweets, or anything, which makes this thing appear: .

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