Dating sheet music

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What’s there: More than 1000 pieces of African-American sheet music dating from 1850 through 1920.The collection includes Civil War and post-Civil War period music, as well as songs from the abolitionist movement.The collection also includes related materials such as an 1972 San Francisco publisher’s catalog, programs, songsheets, advertisements, and photographs. What’s there: University of Chicago collection including over 400 first and early printed editions of musical compositions by Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849), all published before 1881.Using what you find: The sheet music in this collection is public domain sheet music. All of the scores in the collection have been digitized.The Hill Collection and Phillips Collection contain most, but not all, of the popular music in the Fine Arts Library.The Hill Collection was donated to the University of Arizona by Grant Hill and contains sheet music of nearly 135,000 tunes, dating back to the mid-1800’s.The more recognizable stars and songs hold the most value with a few exceptions for sheer rarity or attractive cover illustrations.Competition is not extremely fierce since there are plenty of song titles go to around, but there are some cases of crossover collecting when it comes to sheet music.

When using the Hill Collection or the Phillips Collection, it is necessary to present a picture I. The original sheet music is owned by the John Hay Library, Brown University.Using what you find: Most of the works in this collection are quite likely in the public domain.» Sheet Music Categories » Related Resources » About the Site The Sheet Music Collection at the John Hay Library, Brown University, is an outgrowth of the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays, and contains approximately 500,000 pieces of sheet music, largely American imprint vocal music dating from the late 18th century to the present day; the bulk of the titles date between 18.Owing to its size, the Collection is divided into a number of categories.

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