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Resources Find a Clinical Social Worker Diversity & Equity NASW Center for Workforce Studies Profession Student Center Legal Defense Fund NASW Assurance Services NASW Policy Statements Abstracts Social Work Portal Social Work Research Gender-based violence refers to the perpetration or threat of emotional, verbal, physical violence, or sexual assault targeted toward adolescent girls within the context of a dating relationship.Nearly one in five high school young women report having been physically or sexually abused (Harris, 1997).Second, we recommended that both quantitative and qualitative analyses of the context and processes of developing, planning, and implementing middle grade school/family partnerships and family involvement programs be conducted.Third, a recommendation that research on the challenges to forming middle grade school/family partnerships, and the strategies used to meet those challenges was made."Minimally, because of the effect on employee morale and ultimately because of the potential legal issues." Office relationships are something a large number of employers are faced with.Research from the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 43 percent of HR professionals reported romances in their workplaces.Domestic violence is the number one public health threat to women, responsible for more injuries than any other cause.About half of all American women experience violence from men at some point in their lives (Allison, 1996).

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"All employers should be concerned about workplace romances," Austin told Business News Daily.

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