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The former NHS worker, who now lives in North London, revealed it made some people smile. Some people thought it was a stupid idea but some people smiled. Transport for London (Tf L) said they were not responsible for the campaign and were worried the badges might be confused be confused for the “Baby on Board” badges.A spokesperson from Tf L said they were trying to get in touch with the organiser, as it did not allow it’s branding to be used without permission.Unfortunately, Londoners don’t seem to be a fan of the man who tried to change social etiquette on tube trains last week.The London underground is famous for being an ingeniously designed and (sometimes) convenient way of navigating the city quickly through a complex network of tube lines. Thursday 29th September saw uproar in the underground.Mashable had the top tweeted story with The Guardian and Evening Standard close behind with similar titles.When we zoomed in on London geo-tagged tweets (which represent a very small sample of the overall Twitter population since not everyone has geo-tagging enabled on their account), we found the people of London were very skeptical.

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