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"I want to be labeled as a human who loves humans," she said.

Anna Paquin celebrated LGBT Pride Month in June 2014 by proudly declaring her status as a "happily married bisexual mother." The "True Blood" actress has been wed to her co-star Stephen Moyer, right, since 2010, the same year she initially shared her sexual orientation with the public.

Monogamous, complementary, conjugal marriage is a pearl of great price worth investing one’s entire life in, a pursuit that surpasses all its imitators and impostors.

According to this narrative, after someone comes out, they’re never misread as straight again.

The audience for this narrative is straight people (as in the fable, gay people can smell their own), and after listening to the coming out, they get to be the hero, accepting the gay people unquestioningly, a Good Ally, woke a.f.

The straight audience also gets to put the gay person into a neat box with a clear label.

A few years ago, Anna was getting drinks with a high school friend, Henry.

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