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Refer all UPS and battery service to qualified service personnel. THIS MANUAL CONTAINS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. Read all safety, installation, and operating instructions before installing and operating the Uninterruptible Power System (UPS).

Never block or insert any object into the ventilation holes or other openings.

Supported PDU vendors include APC, Appro, Baytech, Avocent, Dataprobe, LNXI, Digital Loggers, ICS, Aviosys, Micro Energetics, Phantom, Rose Ultra Power, Server Technology, Western Telematic and more.

UPS systems from Eaton, APC, Liebert, Belkin, MGE, Powerware and Tripp Lite can be monitored using the one simple interface.

DO NOT CONNECT equipment that could overload the UPS or demand DC c urrent from the UPS, for example: electric drills, vacuum cleaners, laser printers, hairdryers or any appliance using half wave rectification.

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We are authorized Business Partner of Emerson Network Power India Pvt Ltd for entire range of our products from 600 KVA to 4800 KVA.

Twenty sensors in the Liebert CRV can monitor a row of 10 racks to enable precise, high-capacity temperature, humidity and filtration control.

The Liebert CRV precision cooling system is also designed for: Build flexibility into your cooling system Take advantage of the horizontal airflow cooling design, which is suitable for raised or nonraised floors.

Keep the INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your choice of the UPStation GXT™ Uninterruptible Power System (UPS).

It provides conditioned power to microcomputers and other Upon generation, AC power is clean and stable.

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