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Apple's i Phone, released a decade ago, played an instrumental role in the demise of the digital music players.Apple has long predicted i Pods would gradually fade away as more people bought i Phones or other smartphones capable of playing music.I did, however, separate the left from right side of the engine (V6 Tacoma).So I have two sets of 12 lifters each that I need to redistribute in their old/new places.

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Enjoy the salty ocean breezes and time with your friends and family.

Nikon gave a glimpse of the Key Mission 360 in January at CES, but now it's sharing the full details—and actually releasing it.

The small black cube has a 20-megapixel sensor on each side, each capable of shooting 1080p and 4K.

SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 01: An Apple employee holds a new i Pod Nano at an Apple Special Event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts September 1, 2010 in San Francisco, California.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced upgraded versions of the entire i Pod line, including an i Pod Touch that includes a camera and smaller version of Apple TV.

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