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The bar area features a view of the brewing equipment and bowls of peanuts for idle hands. The Grand Junction fixture has wines by the glass, elegant cocktails, smooth jazz, Charlie Chaplin, and is the perfect setting for indoor-voice conversations.For a high-class happy hour scene, head to 626 on Rood.“He was so optimistic, so sincere, so genuine,” she says.“I decided I’d follow him anywhere.” Charney is “the kind of guy people walk through walls for,” confirms Kathryn Gould, one of Silicon Valley’s top-producing female venture capitalists and the lead investor in Grand Junction. As the company got bigger, the turf battles got more ferocious, and he just didn’t want to fight. “I walked into [CEO] Bill Krause’s office and said, ‘I’m going to retire.’ He said, ‘Should I try to keep you? We’d been together a long time.”Charney shed 3Com – but he couldn’t shake the entrepreneurial bug.

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Pelsma, then 42, met Charney in the summer of 1993 and immediately became a disciple.

As the company’s senior parts buyer and planner, Debra Pelsma faced demands on her time that were as insatiable as the demand for Grand Junction’s products. Charney, then 47, was already a notable figure in Silicon Valley.

He was a cofounder of 3Com, a leader in computer-networking systems. His dark eyebrows rise dramatically above his glasses, like the dorsal fins of a sailfish.

Friday Afternoon Club, or FAC, is the unofficial moniker of group meetings for cocktails at the end of the week.

On vacation or after work, there’s no shortage of fun venues in the Grand Valley to host your next FAC: At the corner of 12th and Patterson in Grand Junction, Breckenridge Ale House is the undisputed, though not unrivaled, king of FAC, dating back to the days of Gladstone’s occupying the same location.

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