Dating recently divorced dad single parent dating aniak alaska

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I recently received an email from a female reader seeking my input on a situation that she's dealing with.She's a single woman without kids who's dating a divorced dad with a daughter.Navigating the choppy waters of the dating pool is difficult enough, but in today’s complicated world, people come with more baggage than ever.

If you meet a fun, loving, charismatic potential soul mate, don’t be afraid to pursue him.

However the first 6 months there were a lot more hurdles to overcome, which led to the relationship breaking down.

Yes, I knew that he was divorced and had two children, but just knowing that he did want kids was to overcome the first hurdle of dating him.

grief, angry exes, hurting children, financial problems).

If he’s recently divorced, be cautious, take things slow, and make sure you get your needs met before getting too involved.

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