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If you speak with a British accent, you'll likely experience much poorer recognition accuracy when you first start using it.Also, unlike some of the other packages available, this software requires that you use the mouse and keyboard to make corrections when your speech has not been recognised correctly.After you install Camtasia, the speech recognition features will be ready to use.Available languages: For more accurate Speech-to-Text transcription of your audio recordings, we recommend you go through the Voice Training tutorials provided with the Speech Recognition software.

SAPI versions 1 through 4 are all similar to each other, with extra features in each newer version.Many dictionary software's that i use take the default Microsoft voice for pronouncing and demonstrating new words and sentences.Are there any voices (ideally free, but no limitations can be paid too) available that will add-on directly to the default windows text to speech engine ?can't change the default voice inspite of the installationdamn..didn't think Microsoft would make it that inconvenient..

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