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These prophets start with Adam and include Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, and Jesus, peace be upon them all.

Read: The good things students are doing in Central Jersey and beyond Read: Education news from around the region College Connection: Advice from local expert columnist Following is the alphabetical list of 559 graduates: A-C: Shameen Abubakar, Alexis Grace Achenbach, Divya Agrawal, Humzah Tahir Ahmed, Christina Marie Aiello, Ashton P.With No Agency founded by model and fashion-industry veteran Ashley Smith and Alexander Tsebelis, the duo saw this an opportunity to “make something that we want to make.” Featuring names such as Alexandra Marzella, Daniela Lalita, Eloisa Santos and newcomers Gabriette, Seashell Coker, Yulu Serao, and Elita Harkov, No Agency New York’s roster answers a handwritten yes/no questionnaire, providing some intimate insight into their preferences (and penmanship).“When I first met with Alex and Ashley I said, ‘I get that you’re starting an agency but I’m not really sure why you want to talk to me.’ But then they showed me some of the girls and I got it” – Richard Kern In an exclusive collaboration with Kern and Kim, the agency utilised their network and artistic community of friends to create a different approach to an otherwise basic formula of sending out vital statistics, such as name, contact info and measurements.However, she did say that looking at the eclipse without protection could lead to solar retinopathy, which is the damage to the retina.“Basically what happens when you look at the sun during a solar eclipse is it burns the retina, which is that sensitive film across that back of your eyeball that takes in light and turns it into pictures that your brain can interpret,” Hohner said. Spero Kinnas of Westchester Eye Surgeons also said that people need to know the proper safety methods for viewing it because the damage is usually permanent.“It’s very dangerous because people underestimate the amount of solar radiation that can focus on their retina,” he said.“Just a couple of degrees of heating up the retina is enough to damage some of those cells.So you can actually have permanent damage to the cells that help you see,” Hohner said.

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