Prior to updating sysdatabases entry for database

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A damaged master database is evident by the failure of the SQL Server to start, by segmentation faults or input/output errors or by a report from DBCC.An example of an error might be damage caused by media failure in the area in which master database is stored.This is best accomplished by prohibiting the creation of user-defined objects in the master database and by being aware of the statements and system procedures, and the equivalent actions in SQL Enterprise Manager, that modify it.

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SQL Server Change Data Capture uses the SQL Server transaction log as the source of the changed data using asynchronous capture a complicated process that can result in data loss because many of the changes made to a database often must be reconstructed manually in the master database.If you feel this technique is necessary, contact your primary support provider before beginning the recovery process.i can see the DATA of the tables using "Sys Tools MDF Viewer 1.0" (working link), but that's just for viewing, not for recovering the data.the databases are corrupt because of harddrive failure (i know, backup backup..

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