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White’s contribution to "Family Matters" was evident behind the scenes as well, as he wrote several episodes of the series and supplied story ideas for many others. "J.", a 24-year-old college graduate struggling with his new role in life – as an adult – in the clever half-hour comedy "Grown Ups" on UPN. For nearly a decade, multi-talented actor Jaleel White delighted audiences as America’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, on the hit sitcom "Family Matters." He took what was originally a one-time guest appearance on the freshman series and created such a stir that he not only became a permanent cast member, but went on to perform other unforgettable characters such as Myrtle Urkel, Steve’s southern belle cousin, and Stefan Urquelle, Steve’s suave alter-ego.Recently, the actress has been working on half-hour comedy "The Rev" and she's been cast in two films-- and Heart of a Champion.When Jaleel White first entered prime time, it was 1990 and he was 12.However, she generally had pretty awful taste in men — and rarely appreciated Steve's undying loyalty. But over the course of the show, Urkel's exhausting persistence wore her down.They even got engaged during the show's final season. The trio will appear as a group of married men who can’t piece together their wild night out, the morning after.

Amid Dancing's virtually nonstop schedule of rehearsing and performing, he indulged us in an e-mail version of Ten Questions. JW: There is no way to prepare for the challenge that is Dancing With the Stars other than to get your cardio up, Up, UP! Who you end up with is a surprise to both partners. What moves in your repertoire are not proving useful in the ballroom? Inquirer: When you step out on the floor to perform with Kym, what's going through your mind? JW: Reality show where I play foster dad to nerdy kids. Inquirer: What's it going to take for you to win this thing? And our promise to you is that we will always strive to provide indispensable journalism to our community.

EST) will take us back to the Winslow household where America fell in love with the middle-class family from Chicago.

Nothing was more entertaining than watching their nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel drive the family insane with his clumsy ways, countless failed inventions, unsolicited visits and undying love for Laura Winslow. " After making it big in his role on "Family Matters, White undoubtely had a tough time shaking his character Steve Urkel.

took the airwaves by storm, becoming the second-longest-running U.

Draped in plaid, suspenders and pants pulled up to his rib cage, Steve Urkel took comedy to a new plateau.

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