Dating someone who smokes pot

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If she’s supplying, at least offer to contribute money. If you dislike smoking weed or just can’t handle doing it often, don’t feel pressured to try and match her iron lungs.

Don’t come in and start trying to rearrange shit; don’t touch her bong unless you’re going to smoke it. Don’t smoke all of her weed or come over for blunts and Netflix movies empty handed. She probably doesn’t give a shit; she’s high as hell.

I just started dating a man who smokes pot a few nights a week. I'm just getting to know him obviously, and so far I like him a lot.

He has his life together, successful, it doesn't appear to have interfered with his life-he's done it for over 15 years. I dated and married a man who smoked pot even tho I had never done it and didn't approve of it.

This makes everyone uncomfortable, including the girl who will be wishing you hadn’t smoked at all when you’re passed out and drooling on yourself. If you’re still in the early stages of a relationship with this stoney girl but still want to get her a gift, a small glass bowl that she can bring with her when she must leave the weed cave of her house is always cute, lighthearted and appropriate.

The notorious “Just Say No” Campaign of The Regan Years really struck a chord, because Gen X singles are the least likely to ever smoke pot.

Boomers are 57% more likely to smoke pot than a Gen Xer while Millennials are 16% more likely to ever have a toke compared to a Gen Xer.

His uselessness probably has less to do with video games and weed, then the fact that it is also usually the first guy she dates out of High School, and he is just a looser kid who hasn't learned to man up yet, because he has never had a girl friend leave him for not manning up, but hey it happens.

You can use practically any vice and still be a functional adult, it is only when all you do is vices that you have a problem.

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