Updating video card in hp notebook computer

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Thank you I would be very glad if the down voter could atleast post a comment regarding his down vote!

Since I was unsure, I wanted to get a direct answer from the experts. BTW, I don't own a laptop(till date only have a desktop for working). I'm not the downvoter, but this question is perilously close to a dup (but not quite) .

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So, was thinking whether I could add an additional card to it. Because for a desktop machine, we could do that easily. I already searched in google before posting and was found in some other forums that it is not possible.

Note: You can only swap out video cards on some, but not all, PC laptops.

On the notebook side of the equation, even if its processor, memory, and storage are up to the task (and they usually will be for many years after the fact) the lack of a powerful-enough graphics card means your old laptop is now obsolete.

It can make the purchase of a gaming notebook or a mobile workstation a hard sell if you’re interested in a longer-term investment.

Installing and updating drivers is one of the best ways to keep your PC running at peak performance.

Below is a list of our most popular Hewlett Packard (HP) Video / Graphics support software and device drivers.

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