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The 55-year-old country crooner adopted the 29-year-old reality star - whose birth father is Baxter Neal Helson - at age 6 shortly after marrying her mother Tish.

The nepotistically-privileged stunner bared a lot of flesh in her black bedazzled bra-top, matching stilettos, and Army-green high-low skirt.

A little later Wendy asked Billy how he and wife Tish are doing and he said 'great' before asking the author if she's seen Tish's TV show.'You mean, the home one on HGTV? 'Bravo.' Billy replied, no doubt summoning every ounce of patience he had.'I'm sorry. The interview continues to offer several more awkward moments, all the way to the eight-minute mark.

Billy is currently promoting his CMT series Still The King, in which he plays a washed-up country star doing his best to keep a relationship with his daughter while clinging onto fame.

'Missing from the family fun was Cyrus' second wife Tish; son Braison, 23; adopted son Trace, 28; daughter Miley, 24; daughter Noah, 17; and son Christopher Cody, 25; (with ex Kristin Luckey).

The couple not only had to work hard to save their marriage, they went through their issues in the public eye.

The country crooner did his best to help the TV host as she struggled to remember basic facts including his daughter Noah's name.

Things were off to a weird start as Billy, 55, was welcomed on stage and Wendy, 52, bizarrely asked 'Do you know where you are? As the talk moved to his family, Wendy told Billy: 'You’re a very good looking man. What a beautiful thing.' Wendy said while Billy was no doubt wondering where it was leading.'How many children altogether?

His brother Trace and sister Noah are also musicians.

His other sister Brandi and Cyrus matriarch Tish have an interior design competition show currently on Bravo called . He landed a modeling contract just a few years ago.

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