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He referred to it in his own writing as a “sudden conversion,” which helped him understand that he needed to follow a Protestant rather than Catholic model in his own ministry.Like many people who protested the actions of the Catholic Church at the time, John Calvin viewed the French brand of Catholicism as one in which many abuses were taking place.He was one of the most figures of the Protestant Reform movement in sixteenth century Europe.Although he is considered to be the successor to German reformer Martin Luther, he was an independent thinker and his doctrine, known as Calvinism, differed to a large extent from Luther’s.Some of the Puritan beliefs of the New World immigrants can be directly related to the theories of John Calvin.

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It influenced him so much that he decided to devote his life to its propagation.

When his father died, Calvin felt he should pursue his passion, and began studying religion at the College de France in Paris.

In approximately 1528, or possibly as late as 1533, Calvin experienced a sudden religious insight and change of heart regarding Protestantism.

Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and other facts related to his life.

John Calvin was a powerful French theologian and pastor.

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