Updating psp custom firmware 5 50

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Dark Ale X, as well as other variations of the name, is a pseudonym under which he works.One of the drawbacks of downgrading the PSP is that new official media may require the presence of a new firmware edition.I totally didn't notice how old the question was!

But with the disclosure of the Poodle Attack, security-conscious Web sites dropped support for SSL.

I can't find any help with Google on how to install custom firmware on a PSP 3001 with v4.21 firmware.

I'd prefer to do it without the Pandora battery, but if that's the only way then can you please describe how to do it in a way that's safe for this version?

That's right, no browsing PSN, no buying games, downloading DLC, videos, music, or anything through Sony's services and any other site which uses only TLS. Surprising many people including myself, Sony issued a firmware update numbered 6.61 for PSP's. However, if you were to go by the description on the official Sony page about it, you'd never know what it is for. It reads, verbatim, There is nothing there about SSL, nothing about TLS, nothing about PSN not working, and nothing about how many Web sites are unreachable on PSP's running anything earlier than 6.61.

Worse yet, due to the generic language of the boilerplate instructions Sony has on its firmware page, it makes it seem like you can just download this update over Wi-Fi and have the PSP automatically apply it or use a UMD to get it. Because all Sony online services dropped support for SSL by December 2014, you can't use the update feature to have the PSP go online to get its update. And you can forget about getting a UMD with the update on it. 2) Get your PSP's memory card hooked up to your computer.

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