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Our photometry includes 387, 563, 616, 580, and 478 objects in the UBVRI bands, respectively, of which 276, 405, 430, 457, and 363 do not have previously published UBVRI photometry.Our photometry is consistent with previous measurements (where available) in all filters.We adopted Sloan Digital Sky Survey ugriz photometry for complementary purposes, as well as Two Micron All Sky Survey near-infrared JHK photometry where available.

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Star clusters, which represent, in distinct and luminous "packets," single-age and single-abundance points and encapsulate at least a partial history of the parent galaxy's evolution, can provide a unique laboratory for studying ongoing and past star formation in the parent galaxy. (2001, 2002a, 2002b, 2002c, 2004a, 2004b) constructed spectral energy distributions in 13 intermediate filters of the Beijing–Arizona–Taiwan–Connecticut photometric system for known M33 clusters and candidates from Melnick & D'Odorico (1978), Chandar et al. This catalog contains 451 candidates, of which 255 are confirmed clusters based on and high-resolution ground-based imaging.However, a large fraction of objects in this catalog do not have previously published photometry.Photometry is performed using archival images from the Local Group Galaxies Survey, which covers 0.8 deg along the major axis of M33.Make sure you name folders in CAPS) Now Press the O button of your PSP to disconnect it from USB. From your PSP, Go over to Photo Memory Stick and click on the FAT folder (if you have a Phat) or Chick HEN folder (if you have a Slim).The screen should blank out then flash green, showing that Chick HEN has loaded. If it just hangup and shutdown PSP then your got to retry until it automatically reboot your PSP.

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