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While it is, of course, difficult to apply for a credit card when you have a bad credit rating, there are still many credit cards that are available to people who have little, bad, or no credit.

Next, after you have a low APR credit card, you can use it to pay off the money that you owe on all of the high APR credit cards.

This type of debt consolidation works in a similar manner to most other types of debt consolidation, however, you won’t always have to go to an outside company to help you manage it.

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Using a personal loan for credit consolidation could substantially lower how much you pay in interest.A budget will help you visualize how much extra money you’ll have each month, so that you won’t end up agreeing to a payment that is unfeasible.The biggest advantage of getting a credit card debt consolidation loan is reduced interest.If you find yourself deep in debt, the options for digging yourself out can seem overwhelming.It is easy to fall prey to debt solutions that can put you in an even worse position.

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