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Your laptop's built-in webcam connects to the internet using a program on your computer (like Skype or Face Time).Before using one of these applications, you'll want to research the program's security settings.

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- A Philadelphia-area school district has agreed to pay 0,000 to settle two lawsuits over secret photos taken on school-issued laptops.

Fortunately, Abrahams was caught, and received an 18 month prison sentence for his crimes against Wolf and other victims. In May last year, the European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, announced it had arrested almost 100 people worldwide, in an operation targeting the developers and users of Blackshades, a kit of malware tools sold online for just .

Amongst those arrested was Swedish hacker Alex Yücel, the co-creator of the Blackshades Remote Access Tool (RAT), which provides an easy way for perverts to remotely commandeer the webcams of unsuspecting parties and snoop upon their activities.

Have you seen news reports about foreign websites showing live feeds from unsecured wireless cameras — like nanny cams, baby monitors, and security cameras — in the U. If you’re shopping for an internet protocol (IP) camera, look for security features that will help protect your privacy. Make sure both the camera and your home wireless network use security protocols. Once you’ve bought your IP camera, check its security settings and keep its software up-to-date.

It’s creepy stuff, but there are steps you can take to protect your camera from prying eyes.

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